Hollow Days

from by Dave Pilla



maybe this is nothing, but it no longer seems so tight
the story of the day son, so lay low and keep polite
it's wicked when you're younger my love, but don't let it beat you away
cos your northern sky will see you right, so don't leave that colt a-waiting

Moonlight weighs on my old hollow days
so maybe i'll stay

maybe this is nothing, i don't seem to hear you right
so fall in line or wait son, it don't make your wrongs right
you're wicked in your tongue and you know, that oh i'll be beasting away
no northern sky will keep me dry, when im making my own mistakes

moonlight weighs on my old hollow days
so maybe i'll stay

don't you see no reason no more? you know i knew you before
and ive been acting a fool in so many ways, don't wanna give anymore
and i know i'll be wasting a-wasting away, oh i can't breathe anymore
though im on your side, no i can't fight anymore
don't you see what i tried to be? no i can't be anymore
and i know what i owe to you, oh for you. but i can't see anymore.

oh, the ways are my own, don't follow me down
mind how you go, its coming back around


from More Than Hoped For EP, released July 6, 2013



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Dave Pilla Leeds, UK

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