More Than Hoped For

from by Dave Pilla



long way. don't look back keep ticking off on your days
cos i'd hate,for you to lose your cool in a thick of smoke and crave
stone cold, late in the morning and i'm stinking yawning and so
i keep hope that the waiting feelings fine

say what you will, these shoes are my own
look at the way they control me
lady one day they're setting me free

slow days, look over your shoulder now we're creepin on ya again
for gods sake. she's barely even cold and im keeping on now, you know
but i hope that maybe there's a writer with the fibre to blow them away
cos every day, im reminded of the void and im seeing it
over and over..again

so say what you will, baby i'm gone
hand me the light you can show me
stay for the kill, if not for the fun
it's late in the day, say that we're done
show me the way we can go free
or maybe the fear will keep me at bay

no steady wages and a heavy loan
steady days are on my heady own
steady comps now where's my ready home
steady moving and i don't know where I'm going
i don't know where im going
i don't know where im going
with more than hoped for but less than needed
more than hoped for but less than needed


from More Than Hoped For EP, released July 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Dave Pilla Leeds, UK

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